I know it's only January, but it's never too early to start thinking about baseball, right? I mean, my boys are already underway with their seasons when it comes to practices and they have tournaments starting up in February.

The Sod Poodles don't get into the swing of things until April, so what do those die-hard baseball fans like myself do during this time?

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Well, typically it's sitting around reading all the hot stove reports about what's happening with players and teams in the offseason. Now, we have a better option.

Amarillo College is kicking off its inaugural baseball season, and they're doing it in style. A lot of colleges have their own stadiums or place to play, and Amarillo College is no different. However, they aren't a lot of colleges that can say what the Badgers can say.

They will play their home games at none other than HODGETOWN. These college players will get a taste of a minor league ballpark for their time at Amarillo College, and potentially give them an edge when it comes to being recruited by D1 universities and experience playing in a stadium that big.

It also gives us die-hard baseball fans a chance to get into the greatest minor league ballpark around earlier than we normally would! Tickets went on sale today for the Amarillo College games, and they're extremely affordable.

For just $10 per adult ticket and $7 per children's ticket, you can go watch a ballgame in an atmosphere everyone is going to love. If you want to buy tickets, you can click here or stop by the HODGETOWN box office.

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