When we moved to Amarillo, one of the things we asked people about was what schools offer GT and STEAM classes.

The resounding response we got was, well none really.

This was something that bothered us a fair amount. Our oldest son had tested out as a GT student back in Austin since his 1st grade year, and he'd been in that sort of learning ever since. Meeting with schools in the area, we found that those types of education were only offered in AFTER school settings.

Well, something is coming to Amarillo that makes us very happy, and if you have a kid starving for that type of learning, you'll be pretty thrilled about this as well.

Snapology is coming to Amarillo on August 20th! No, this isn't a special one-week sort of thing, they are opening a Discover Center 2.0, and it sounds amazing.

Looking over their website, they offer all sorts of different types of classes in a myriad of areas schools don't usually delve into.

Snapology will be offering programs in robotics & coding, technology, STEAM/STEM, different themed programs, preschool, and competition teams.

Kids will be able to do things such as movie making, drone and video game design among other things. They'll also offer different camps for the kids to be a part of as well as host birthday parties.

The best way to be a part of everything is to join their "passport" plan. They have a basic level membership that will get your kid one class per week, access to their passport program, and unlimited creative play time per month. Those plans are between $49.99-59.99 depending on if you go month-to-month or commit to a one year contract.

The silver level plan is $59.99 per month and only available on the one year contract, but you get some added bonuses. You'll receive 20% off any camps or parties at Discovery Center 2.0, and you get the glorious monthly parent's night out. Yes, it's essentially babysitting that's already paid for.

You can check them out HERE!

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