One thing we're always looking for are new places to get some tasty treats, and South Georgia Center has a couple new food trucks for ya to check out.

"Yum In A Bun" and "Don't Worry Shaved Ice" have arrived on the scene, and they appear to be decadent options to grab a meal and sweet treat. Let's break these trucks down a bit.

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This place looks like it could be a lot of fun. The concept of their menu is that every item they serves is in or on a bun! You'll find things like sausage dogs and cheese steaks on the menu, as well as your traditional burger. However, there are some amazing looking foodie type of items that will have your mouth watering just thinking about them. Take the Mac N Cheese burger for example. Starts with the bun, a nice fat burger patty laid on the bottom of said bun, a slice of cheese then loaded down with a heaping pile of creamy mac and cheese. Sticking with the mac and cheese vibe, you can get what appears to be a grilled mac and cheese sandwich with bacon in it. There are several other things on the menu that I totally wanna try, like the fried bologna and egg sandwich. Every food order receives a free bag of chips to go with it, so give them a try today. You can see their menu (and pics) here.


Once you've polished off the incredible meal from Yum In A Bun, you'll wanna head over to their neighbor Don't Worry Shaved Ice. They've got all your traditional shaved ice flavors to choose from, but it's the specialty ones you'll wanna jump in on. They have taken the concept of ice cream toppings and candy and introduced them to shaved ice! They even allow you to put ice cream on top of your shaved ice if you so choose! It's the ultimate way to stay cool this summer, and you can do it in a very tasty way. Check out the amazing pics here.

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