When you think of charities, there are always a few that just immediately come to mind.

Whether from phenomenal marketing or just for how long they've been around, you know their name and what they mean to a community.

One of those is most definitely the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. This non-profit has been around for over 100 as it was founded back in 1904.

This is an organization I have done things with. These kids come from tough homes, and areas, and some don't even have a true family. This is their chance to be around other kids in a safe environment with adults who care and want them to have the best life they can have.

However, the organization is in a lot of trouble here in the Panhandle area and they need all the help they can get to survive.

They're facing a critical shortage in funds right now, and that's just the beginning of it. Volunteers have dwindled down and they have a waiting list of more than 80 kids just in the Panhandle area.

Because of the lack of funding, they're having to close all the offices in the Texas Panhandle area. The agency is still operating, but it won't be able to for much longer without some funding help.

They've been looking for different types of funding, but a lot of things have changed since the COVID-19 pandemic set in. We've seen a lot of businesses go under because of it, and to lose Big Brothers Big Sisters would be catastrophic.

If you'd like to donate or volunteer, you can go to PanhandleBigs.org to get more info and help.

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