With the holidays approaching, things and life begin to get a little chaotic. We start worrying about all the shopping we need to do, the meals we need to plan, the parties we are going to attend. Let's just be honest, the holidays can be stressful.

Through it all, we have to find those things that make us happy, that remind us that with everything going on, there are still a lot of different things that that make us smile through it.

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One of those things is seeing all the different light displays that go up throughout the city. We hop in our cars, drive around neighborhoods and see these almost Griswold-like light displays that people spend so much time putting up.

Now, sometimes we don't have the time to even get the lights up ourselves, or we don't have hours to drive around and see all the different displays. We prefer to just go to one place and see a barrage of lights.

That's where the Electric Light Parade comes in. Center City is once again holding their awesome drive-by display of vehicles and floats, all lit up with holiday tunes blaring and getting you in that holiday spirit.

The parade is set to take place this year Friday, December 1st at 6 pm and is scheduled to run until 8 pm. This is always one of the most attended events in Amarillo each year so if you have a specific spot in mind, you'll want to get there early. The parade will run on Polk St starting at 11th Ave and work its way down to 4th Ave.

If you want to participate in the parade, you have until November 15th to sign up, and you can do that here.

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