Every now and then, something pops up that you just don't want to miss out on.

And when it involves pancakes of any sort, it's probably a good time.

So allow me to introduce you to Maple The Pancake Tortoise!

Maple is now at the Amarillo Zoo for everyones enjoyment, and they've also got some great things starting up in May as well.

On Saturday, May 7, they'll be giving guided tours of the zoo. These are great as you'll get a chance to explore the entire zoo and hear some stories about some famous animal ambassadors. You'll also get to take a look behind the scenes as well as learn about the origins of the zoo. Tickets for the guided tours are only $10.

Then every Saturday starting May 14 all the way through August 13, it'll be Safari Saturdays! These are always some of the most popular things anywhere you go. I mean, how many times have you wanted to go on a safari and see these amazing creatures up close and learn about them?

The safari shows will begin at 11am every Saturday where the education staff will take you on a trip to meet some of the animal ambassadors up close and personal. If that's not enough for you, at 1pm you can join the keeper chats and animal enrichments to further your education and knowledge.

May 21st is Endangered Species Day, and the Amarillo Zoo will be celebrating it of course! This is a chance to learn more about those species that are, or have become, endangered and learn more about the illegal pet trade and how some of them were saved.

Tons of fun to be had at the Amarillo Zoo as summer starts to kick in!

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