History is an amazing thing. Whether it's history from 300 years ago, or something just a few decades ago.

It can invoke memories that are unforgettable and ingrained in your head for a lifetime. Amarillo seems to be full of those types of places, and this one looks like a place I would've had a blast at.

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The Villa Inn could be found at I-40 and Grand back in the day, and from what pictures I've seen of it, it looked like a truly amazing place.

The first pictures I saw of it were these:

Historical Amarillo Images
Historical Amarillo Images

When I saw the picture of that pool, it immediately took me to a place I imagined was Vegas back in the 60s. This fully landscaped pool area complete with trees, plants, rocks, and grass is the kind of thing you see in the movies. 'Casino' is the movie that immediately popped into my head.

You just imagine someone's backyard pool area looking exactly like this in the glitz and glamour of Vegas.

Let's move on from the pool, even though to me that is the focal point of this place. It appears the Villa Inn was more than just a fancy pool and place to rest your bones. People in Amarillo seem to have some very fond memories of the place.

attachment-Villa Inn FB comments

Seems to me the Villa Inn was THE spot back in the day, full of more things than you can imagine. Playing video games there seemed to be a popular thing to do. Proms were held there, and one person in the comments even says they remember clubbing there back in the day.

My favorite comment though has to be the first one. The way they ended it about the smell of cigarettes and chlorine, is so old school...and I love it. I just wish I would've been around to see it.

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