The Slug Bugs are here in Amarillo. It has been a long time coming but Amarillo is now complete. We have had the Cadillac Ranch here in Amarillo for fifty years. So for fifty years, people have been stopping on their trip through Amarillo to spray paint the famous Cadillacs.

Now Amarillo has another place to stop on the other side of town. The Slug Bug Ranch was in Conway, Texas. They then got dug up. There was a plan and then there wasn't. Until the plan came to be to bring them to Amarillo.

Starlight Ranch had a place for them. So Bobby Lee and The Big Texan helped make that happen and The Bug Ranch Association was formed. The Slug Bug Ranch is now in its permanent location. You can find them on the other side of the city from the Cadillac Ranch.

Trust me you can't miss them. The Big Texan Slug Bug Ranch can be found at 1415 Sunrise Drive. Now since this is part of The Big Texan they put their own touch on the Slug Bug Ranch.

There are not just Slug Bugs buried nose-first in the dirt there. Nope, they decided to also take some retired limos from The Big Texan and bury them as well. So yeah, you can not miss them when you are driving down Interstate 40.

So we are asking the question. What are your thoughts on the new Slug Bug Ranch in Amarillo? If you have driven by it or even stopped, you probably have an opinion. If you haven't been out that way yet, don't worry we have the photos for you as well.

What Do You Think of The Slug Bug Ranch?

Amarillo's Slug Bug Ranch

The Slug Bug Ranch now has a home in Amarillo.

Gallery Credit: Melissa Bartlett/TSM

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