It's that time of year when, for the most part, the weather is starting to warm up and we can begin thinking about those outdoor activities we love to do. Sure, we still seem to have more days that are a bit too chilly for our liking, but it's those random 70-degree days that get us revved up.

When that weather starts to kick in, there are two things that immediately come to mind for me. Baseball and golf.

Now baseball I've got covered. I mean, the kids and I were doing baseball when the temps were barely touching 50 degrees. The difference now is that those practices and games are a lot more enjoyable most of the time.

Golf is different though. Playing golf in cold weather is absolutely miserable. Your hands become ice cubes, your entire body shakes in a sport where you need to be completely still and have control of your swing.

There's nothing really there to block the chilly wind, just some trees, so you can feel even a 10 mph breeze as we would call it in Amarillo.

But hey, all of that is starting to disappear and the warmer days have started to arrive. So with that, it's time to take a look at a few public golf courses here in Amarillo that you'll find me frequenting this year.


Located near Thompson Park, this is commonly referred to as the nicest public course you can find in Amarillo. They have two different courses you can choose to play, the WildHorse or Mustang course.

The WildHorse course is a 5,123-yard, par 72 course that features a variety of different challenges and is geared for those players who don't hit the ball long. A shorter course gives you more chances at knocking down some precious birdies to keep that score low.

The Mustang course is a couple hundred yards longer, checking in at a total of 5,321 yards. This one is also a par 72 course with a couple of long par 5 holes if you're feeling fancy and playing from the black tees.


I've had the opportunity to play at Comanche Trail a couple of times in tournaments, and I came away pretty impressed each time. Set up very similar to Ross Rogers, there are two different courses to choose from here, the Arrowhead and Tomahawk courses.

Playing from the blue tees, the Arrowhead course is 6,441 yards and is a par 72. The major appeal of this particular course is the two par 5 holes that are under 500 yards. If you can drive the ball 300 yards or better, you've got a great shot at hitting the green in two shots and leave yourself a great chance for eagle.

The Tomahawk course checks in at 6,748 yards and is also a par 72. It's a more challenging course due to its length alone, so if you're a big hitter, you can achieve some great success on this course. If not, you could be in for a long day.

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If you're looking for a nice, quick round of golf where you don't have to break out the driver, then Preston West is for you.

Preston West is Amarillo's only par 3 course, which if you're new to the game means there isn't a hole that ventures into the longer par 4 and par 5 holes. You can stick to your iron set here and try for a bunch of birdies, or even take aim at some hole-in-ones.

Another feature they have at Preston West is their restaurant/bar called "Bar 3". Playing off the fact they are a par 3 course, Bar 3 offers some pretty amazing food options not found at any other golf course, and yes, buckets of beer to throw in your golf cart.

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