Oh, I remember the day of hunting for Easter Eggs as a kid. We had the regular hard-boiled eggs that we carefully colored days before the big hunt. If we were lucky our parents also invested in some plastic eggs.

They may have been filled with jelly beans. If you were lucky you might find a quarter or other loose change in others. Maybe you got really lucky and a wadded-up dollar bill would be in one.

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That was about the extent of it. It was a nice time as we hunted for eggs and an Easter basket with our chocolates.

That is not the way that Tremaine Brown and the folks at Shi Lee's handles Easter. Nope, it's a big thing. An exciting time for the kiddos. It's their Seventh Annual City-Wide Easter Egg Hunt and I swear each and every year it gets bigger and bigger.

There are thousands and thousands of Easter eggs hidden around Bones Hooks Park but they are not just filled with candy. Nope. Not just with pocket change. Oh, no way. There are some serious prizes.

At least a thousand big prizes that the kids can walk or even roll away with. I mean there will be bikes given away. There will also be scooters. Those are great. The kiddos will love to get one of those. They are not stopping there. No way. The kiddos can hunt and find a hoverboard, skates, rollerblades, and even skateboards.

This is a dream come true for so many kids.

After the large Easter egg hunt, there will be plenty of food for the families. So this is one Easter egg hunt you need to make sure you take the family out to this year. It just keeps getting bigger and better. Who would have thought that would have been possible? They keep surprising us.

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