In the nearly two years I've lived in Amarillo, I've never experienced a wind and dust storm like we had yesterday. I mean, that was some next-level stuff for me. I know for those of you who have lived here awhile or are natives, you've experienced that before.

That was a different experience for me though, and I dealt with it firsthand outdoors and indoors. I think I'm still trying to get the dust out of my ears, and that's after two showers and thorough cleaning of my ears.

The wind started kicking up pretty bad when my boys and I got to the baseball fields. Yes, my oldest had practice yesterday from 2:30-4 pm. We arrived around 1 pm because I like to get extra work in with them. The wind was probably a steady 25-30 mph at that point with gusts around 40 mph. I've played on some windy days, but not like this. I had sunglasses on and still couldn't keep the dust out of my eyes.

Fast forward to a team dinner we had. We left the house around 6 pm, after the rain and everything had come through. The wind was completely out of control at this point. When we came out of dinner, I could barely even see in front of me.

It kind of got me thinking. Was it really safe to be driving in these conditions? As we were coming down Soncy on our way to I-40, we noticed the power had gone out on that end of town. Now, we're dealing with terrible visibility because of the dust AND no lights aside from car headlights to guide us.

I feel like it would almost be safer to drive in a tornado than in the kind of wind and dust storm we had to deal with yesterday. If you were in a high-profile vehicle or a semi, I can't imagine how much you were getting blown around.

Were you out on the roads during it? Have you ever driven in a tornado? Which one is safer? I'm legitimately curious.

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