Valentine's Day has ascended upon us. The day of flowers, chocolate, and fancy dinners. There's that word...fancy. You start saving a little from each paycheck at the top of the year so you can afford this over-the-top, super romantic dinner.

You anticipate a dinner bill of over $100 so you can pull out all the bells and whistles to make sure your significant other feels loved. Well, what if I told you that you didn't need a Ben Franklin to cover a nice dinner in Amarillo?

The team at Bet Texas has given a reason to exhale when it comes to that dreaded check as it arrives. They did a little survey of how expensive dinner for two runs in the great state of Texas, from cheapest to most expensive, and it all comes down to where you live.

Let's start at the most expensive place to grab a nice dinner. Checking in with this "honor" is Houston, but only by a very slim margin. The average meal for two in Houston is a stunning $75, with a bottle of wine running you $13.50. If you feel the need to take a cab to dinner, you can tack on just under $18 for that ride. That will bring your total for the evening to $106.46.

Austin is RIGHT behind Houston however. Your meal in Austin is the most expensive in Texas with an average cost of $80, and the wine is even a bit more expensive than in Houston at $15 per bottle. Austin wins in the cab ride department though as it's only going to run you $10 for that, for a total of $105. Take out the cab rides for each city and Austin is the most expensive place in Texas for a meal.

Well, we don't live in Houston or Austin. We live in Bomb City, and I've got good news for you. Amarillo checked in as the CHEAPEST city to grab dinner for two. How about that? The average meal for two in the 806 is only $31. Think about that. It's an average of $40 PER MEAL in Austin. Wanna add that wine here? On average, that should only run you about $8. Is it me, or does that seem cheaper than buying it in the store?

If you feel like taking a cab, don't worry, it's not going to break the bank at $8.25 for your ride. All in with the meal AND cab, you're going to come out of pocket $47.25, that's it. By comparison, that's $10 cheaper than the next city, which is Victoria with an average cost of $57.15 per meal for two.

So go ahead, spoil your sweetie this Valentine's Day. You'll probably find yourself with some extra cash for a fancy dessert.

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