If you're like me, you have a tendency to slack on certain holidays. Mine is Halloween. It's not my favorite holiday, but I participate in it mainly for my kids. The costumes, candy, and pumpkins.

Oh my the pumpkins. Look, I remember carving them up and being so excited to do so when I was a kid. As I got older though, I realized they're just messy and not as exciting as I once thought they were.

I also find that they can be so overpriced at times it's ridiculous. So yeah, I have a tendency to slack on those and wait until the last minute to get them for the kids. I secretly hope they'll forget about wanting to carve them. I know, that's terrible of me.

But Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm is doing something this weekend that I simply can't pass up, so I'll finally get around to getting those pumpkins.

This Saturday and Sunday, Maxwell's will be selling all their pumpkins for just $1 a piece. That's right, one measly buck. No, they aren't selecting only certain sizes that you can get for that $1. you can get whatever size you want. Need some small ones? $1. Feel like getting a monster pumpkin that takes two people to put it in the car? Yeah, $1.

It doesn't stop there. There is absolutely no limit to how many you can buy at $1 a piece. So stock up.

Oh, one more thing. Half the proceeds of each pumpkin sold will be going to the High Plains Food Bank to help provide Thanksgiving meals for those in need this year. Now I know you're sitting there thinking, wow, 50 whole cents to the food bank.

Did you know that $1 can provide 14 meals at Thanksgiving? Buy two pumpkins, feed 14 people, and have fun carving those pumpkins. I think that's what we call a win-win.

Admission into Maxwell's is required in order to take advantage of the $1 pumpkins, and you can buy your tickets here.

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