Look, Amarillo has some strange things that happen and pop up in the news. I swear we're the leading city in the country for catalytic converter theft, but there are some things that just leave you scratching your head.

There are two recent stories to come out of Amarillo that fit that bill exactly, complete head scratchers.

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We'll start with a theft that recently happened at a Pak-A-Sak. Now theft in a convenience store isn't something new, in fact, it happens every single day. Usually it's something like candy or a drink. This woman decided to take things a little bit further.

She went ahead and took herself a printer. Yes, a printer.

Now I know some people have school projects they need to print, some use it for various other reasons. I use my printer mainly for printing out shipping labels to send things out.

This was a different type of printer she stole though, one that has a very specific use. She snatched a label printer. You know, one of those printers that would be used in a store to show you the price of something on the shelf.

What exactly did this woman need a label printer for? Does she own a business and it broke? Did she simply see something expensive to grab and rolled out? These label printers aren't cheap. They typically range anywhere from $500-1200 a piece. Check your local pawn shop or Facebook BST page for label printers.

The next story comes from a man who had his home broken into and got attacked by someone who used a Samurai sword. Yes, you read that right. Not a gun, not a fist fight, not a knife. A Samurai sword. Who actually enters a home with THAT as their weapon of choice?

Here's where it gets even wilder if you can believe that. The man who was attacked, Casey Cabbiness, is suspected to have been attacked by one of his friends, Kjetil Erik Mjolhus. I don't know how much of a friend the guy is if he's rolling in with a Samurai sword at nearly 4 am.

Oh Amarillo, we love you.

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