One of our least favorite things to do is go to work or to school. We know it's a necessary part of life, can't survive without money and have to work to make money. If you're a student in high school or below, the state says you HAVE to go to school.

So begrudgingly, we pick ourselves up every weekday morning (and some weekend mornings) and trudge through the getting ready for the day process.

As we do this, we start looking forward to those little things that will help us get through the day. One of those things is food and drink, let's just be honest. We leave our house ten minutes early so we can stop at our favorite coffee shop. We count down the minutes to our hour long lunch break just to get away.

Maybe you've noticed, maybe you haven't, but the lines at the coffee shop or your favorite lunch stop have suddenly gotten longer. Why is that? Well, school is back in session and that means the students are on lunch break along with you now.

So longer lines means longer waits at your destination right? Well, yes in some places, but a lot of the area restaurants were prepared for the student rush, and some places aren't really experiencing longer wait times.

With more people coming in, that also means the restaurants could run out of your favorites faster and completely ruin your mood. Again, the local restaurants here have prepped for that by ordering extra food to make sure they're always stocked up on what you want.

Hud's and The Bagel Place are two great examples of this. They're close to Amarillo High School, and they're a couple of favorites for the students to hit up. Both have said they anticipated the rush and have done everything they can to shorten wait times and have your favorites on hand.

So don't dread the lines, and stop worrying about whether or not you're going to get your favorite item. It may be a bit busier, but you can still enjoy those little moments you look forward to every day.

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