The big news towards the end of 2022 was that Mayor Ginger Nelson would NOT seek re-election for the Mayoral seat of Amarillo.

That immediately sparked a ton of conversation as to who could, would, and should run for Mayor of our fair city. The speculation of who will probably run, and the chattering of those people want to throw their names in the hat continue.

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And now, we have the first two ACTUAL candidates that have decided to shoot their shot at the soon-to-be-open seat.

The first two names to hit the ballot are Tonya C. Winston and Freda Powell.

Winston is an Amarillo entrepreneur that has a large presence on social media. Her main platform is TikTok and her handle on the platform is @onebutterscotch. You can see that she's a proud resident of the city and doesn't hide where she lives.

@onebutterscotch Talking About Motivation, This Song U-Turn Is It. Just Passing Through. @OneButterScotch #LikeCommentShare #fyp #LadyButterScotch ♬ U turn - p2k dadiddy

When combing through her TikTok posts, she appears to be an avid fan of motorcycles and enjoys motivating people. I'm unsure of her political qualifications as I was unable to find anything about her holding a seat anywhere.

Powell on the other hand is an Amarillo mortician who has served on the Amarillo City Council since 2017. She knocked off James Schenck to win the vacant seat and has occupied it ever since.

There is another candidate who has VERBALLY announced their intention to run for the seat, Daniel Johnson, but as of this writing, he had not filed the necessary paperwork to be put on the ballot as of yet. We will keep an eye on that and update here if and when he files that paperwork.

Remember, anyone can run for the Mayor seat, you just need to pick up a packet with all the necessary paperwork and pay the $100 filing fee associated with it.

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