Is it me? Or does it seem like flu season is lasting a lot longer than usual in Amarillo this year?

I know this is usually the time of year when people start getting sick, but there's something strange going on this year. It seems like the illness is happening more often and lasting even longer than usual.

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In the last two weeks, both of my sons caught some kind of flu or bug where they spiked temps over 102, and even 103 at one point.

Now, they both were able to shake the spike in temp in a day or two, and it seemed like we were in the clear. A couple of days after the fevers went away, my oldest caught some kind of cough that he couldn't shake and is still dealing with it.

My youngest son spiked a fever this past Friday, a good week and a half after getting past the initial fever, then shook it completely on Sunday, yet woke up today back around 102. What on Earth is going on?

Not that I'm a doctor or anything, but here's my theory. When COVID hit us back in 2020, we went from lockdown to where we weren't around anyone. When we started integrating back into the world, we had to wear masks everywhere we went.

We went a good year or so to where we weren't exposed to any kind of illness essentially because the germs weren't getting spread. We were obsessed with hand sanitizer so we were always killing of germs, the masks held in coughs that could spread bugs, etc.

Once we took the masks off, we were immediately exposed to all of it, and because our bodies hadn't really caught anything in over a year, our immune systems forgot how to fight off the illness.

Again, I'm not a doctor so take this with a grain of salt, but is it possible that we are completely having to retrain our bodies how to fight off something as simple as a flu? Makes you think doesn't it?

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