Yesterday I highlighted that there were some issues with all this rain we've been getting, and now we can add another one to the list.

When we get above average precipitation as we have, rivers and lakes have a tendency to overflow. When that happens, we have to look for ways to relieve them a bit so they don't start flooding areas.

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Buffalo Lake dam has been running into this exact issue, so the US Department of Fish and Wildlife felt it would be best to relieve some of the water levels by releasing some of the water down to Tierra Blanca Creek.

A very good theory indeed so we don't run into flooding issues, but now we're dealing with an issue that could create some health problems if you decide to do anything with the water in Tierra Blanca Creek.

The water that has been released is likely contaminated, therefore it's caused the Randall County Sheriff's Office to release news that you need to avoid contact with the water completely at Tierra Blanca Creek.

Officials have mentioned that the water is non-potable to the point of contact. In other words, you definitely don't want to go swimming there. Other things you want to avoid would be fishing there if that's something you do at the creek.

If you come in contact with the water, you will immediately want to wash it off your body as ingesting it will more than likely cause some health issues you won't want to deal with. The best idea right now is to just avoid the Tierra Blanca Creek area until the water is deemed safe again.

As for the weather, it appears we've got rain in the forecast up until Friday again, so the rising water levels aren't going to cease anytime soon, which means more water could potentially be released into the creek, extending the amount of time you'll need to avoid contact with it.

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