When I was growing up, the excitement of getting out and playing with my friends after school is what I lived for. We'd run in the house, grab a quick snack, then head outside to get into whatever it was that day.

A lot of times it was heading to the park to play basketball, or maybe strap on the rollerblades for a game of street hockey. All I know is I spent my entire childhood outdoors.

Things are a little different these days. I've got two boys who couldn't be more different if they tried. My youngest boy loves doing what I did as a kid. He wants to be outdoors, playing something. Meanwhile, my oldest son has been something I've had to adapt to. He loves playing video games. Whether it's on his PlayStation or something online, he constantly wants to be in front of a screen.

There are places I can take my youngest to play sports, but when it comes to places I can take my oldest to play games, I've struggled. We do have a game room or two here in Amarillo, but I struggle with the idea of paying for a place for him to go play video games when he can do it from home. Now, there's a new option.

The Charles E. Warford Activity Center, or the WAC, now has a game room that is open and available for kids to go in and enjoy playing their favorite video games. All it takes is a membership to the WAC to get in and he can play for hours, while my youngest can run around and do his sports at the same time.

The game room there is full of everything you could want if you're a gamer, and it's a safe environment where you know they're always being watched and won't have any issues with other kids.

According to City of Amarillo Director of Parks and Recreation Michael Kashuba, “The Warford Activity Center offers an array of features to the Amarillo community. The new WAC Game Room is unique and offers state-of-the-art games for gamers of all ages,” and that's exactly what my oldest son needs.

You can also rent the game room out for $75 per hour if you want to have a party there. It comes with a party room, an attendant, and all the video games they can play. Check out the video below for more on the new game room.

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