I remember hearing about Five Guys Burgers and Fries for the first time. We were in Lubbock. We just got done with a long day of club volleyball. We were looking for somewhere to eat.

Someone suggested going there to eat. The only thing is I heard the name of the place wrong. I swore they said Five Thousand Fries. So I tried to find it in my GPS. Heck, I use that thing to find my way pretty much anywhere. They laughed at me and said that no it was Five Guys. I had never heard of this place.

This had to be over ten years ago. Maybe closer to fifteen.

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So we went in and I will tell you that the initial name I thought it was had to be totally accurate. We did get tons of fries—too many to eat. So that was my introduction to the burger and fry place.

Then Amarillo got their own on Georgia. Welcome to Amarillo is what I thought. I loved the fact that I had been to one before. We have had the one on Georgia Street for a while—the one and only in our city.

That is about to change. Finally a second Five Guys Burger and Fries. The location makes total sense. We need one on the other side of town. So when Coldwell Bankers put out the announcement it came as good news.

So be looking for a new place in Amarillo to get tons of fries. Because seriously it is true. Five Guys Burgers and Fries has needed a second location and that is about to become a reality.

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