It's hard to come up with a new concept. Something that Amarillo hasn't seen before. Something totally new to draw us in. I think, though, that we have been given this opportunity to be intrigued—the chance to pique our interest.

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Something new for Amarillo to enjoy. You may have seen Sports World a million times before but you haven't seen it like this before. A totally new place that you wouldn't even know was there. That is part of the allure.

A place underground that opened up this past weekend. A terrific place to have a drink or two that will also in a bit expand even more. All of these changes have been happening right under our noses.

Mesa Underground is now open for a cold drink and some quality entertainment. Mesa Underground is located at  9400 Canyon Drive next to Hollywood 16 Theater (formerly Sports World).

Don't worry Sports World is still there but it is becoming something more. Just give it some time. Mesa Bar and Grill will be taking over the upstairs. That will be happening soon. Used to heading out there for go-karts, batting cages and miniature golf? That is all still available.

There will just be a lot more to do in the area. An expansion that has something for everyone.Instead of just a fun place to let off a little steam. A place for the kids. They have added the Mesa Underground.

Next, they will have food too. So a lot is going on in the area. Just you wait. Check it out HERE.

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