This year has had its ups and of course its downs. We have seen new places come to town and even as fast have seen some places shut their doors forever.

It was just late last year that we saw this Amarillo restaurant open up. The reviews were pretty good. It was one on my list that I wanted to try. I just thought I would have some time.

That is the problem with new places in Amarillo. If they don't get the massive first-day opening success. If they don't get to become the talk of the town. Maybe just maybe they have a premature closing.

That was the case with this restaurant. It was just November of last year when we heard we may be getting a new Mediterranean restaurant here in town. It sounded like a pretty cool concept. Something different for Amarillo.

credit: Google Maps
credit: Google Maps

Before we had this location open it was Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Amarillo. When they left the building it lead the way for Cedars Mediterranean Restaurant to open. They had a pretty unique menu.

Then as I was scrolling social media earlier I saw a little rumbling about the place. There was talk that maybe it was closed. I went to Google maps to see what they had to say. There was no inkling of trouble.

Their listing did not say either temporarily closed or permanently closed. So there was some hope. I decided to drive by for myself.

The best way to know for sure. There was no doubt in my mind.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

They are closed. They are closed for good. Such a darn shame. Another place we have to say goodbye to in 2022.

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