It's 10 pm, do you know where your children are? That would open up and lead into our newscast when I was growing up in Chicago. I found out it was not just Chicago that used that each night. I was young and wondered why that needed to be said.

Oh, to be young again. As we are getting later into the school year this needs to be asked. If you don't know where your children are at 10 pm you sure better find it out before midnight.

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That is when the curfew for Amarillo is in effect. spring break is nearly here then summer vacation. You would much rather keep tabs on your kiddos and not get a phone call from the Amarillo Police.

As a parent, you are the first line of defense to make sure your kids are not up to no good. It's time to be a parent. It's not easy. They are not your friend.  You need to make sure that they end up being a productive member of society. The teenage years are the most difficult.

They lie about where they are. I get that. My daughter hated the fact that I tracked her phone if I needed to but guess what? I never got a call from the police. That is a win.

We do have a curfew and you need to make sure you know what is going on with your kids.

According to Corporal Jeb Hilton from the Amarillo Police Department:

The City of Amarillo does have a curfew for minors (Anyone under 17-years-old) between 12:01 AM and 6:00 AM daily.

They are excused if they are heading home from work, with parents, or attending school or religious activities.

Hilton goes on to explain the importance of the curfew and issues with it:

The Amarillo Police Department is committed to making our town a safe place for all and enforcing this ordinance is part of that. Due to other workloads, it's not possible or plausible for officers to stop and check every minor that they see, but if you do have concerns about violations, you can always reach out to the AECC at 378-3038. Not all curfew violations will result in a citation being written, but the ordinance will be explained and enforced.


Amarillo officers wrote 11 curfew violations in 2021 and just 4 in 2022. That doesn't mean they weren't doing their part.

If you see kiddos causing issues you need to help in the situation. Call the number. Just know you might not get the response you want. Like Hilton said they will not always get a citation. Sometimes a call home to the parent is enough to scare them straight.

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