It's a fact of life that everything and I mean everything has a cost. Remember the day when we had to pay in cash? Then checks became a thing. Checks are still around but they are just not used as often as "back in the day".

I never carry cash. I am like a majority of everyday people. Do you carry a lot of cash? I may start. Or at least grab some cash from the bank before I go out to eat. There is one more fee that some restaurants are starting to charge.

A New Fee Being Added to Restaurant Bills

The cost of food has gone up so of course a lot of menu prices have gone up when you go out to eat. Some places charge a charge-tip if you have so many people at your table. I do agree with that one. Having been a server and having my daughter serve as well I get that when you wait on a huge table you should get money for the work you did.

Not all, but some, people in Amarillo are really cheap. If you go out to eat you need to tip. Going out to eat is a luxury. Remember that. But that is for a later date.

Going Out to Eat is Indeed a Luxury

You don't want to cook. I get that. So you grab the family and head out to eat. Be ready to pay a new fee at some places.

A credit card processing fee. I use my credit card to pay for everything. I may stop when it comes to paying for my food at a restaurant. Some places are charging that fee. I do get it. I used to run a small business that used a Square to let people pay by credit card. Those fees for me were outrageous. So I have seen them first hand.

I always wondered why other places didn't charge a fee. They just haven't. Now it seems that those charges could be found on your next bill. I am not against this fee It makes sense. Out of convenience using a debit or credit card is just easier.

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I am also about saving money when I can. So I will probably go to my bank and grab cash before going out to eat. Again I am not against the fee but if I can save it I will.

One local business owner said that the transaction fees help with what they were charged by the credit card companies. They don't cover the whole charge but it does help some.

If everyone is using a card now and everyone is causing this fee for the restaurant than yes, they do need to pass that charge on to us. They can either charge that fee on the bill or raise the prices more for their food.

Who we really should be angry with are the credit card companies. I have a hard time believing that they are being hurt at all by us using our cards. Yes, from time to time bad people steal cards. They are making their money in the long run.

They are charging the business owners when we use our cards. They are charging us when we use our cards. Trust me they are making their money. Plenty of it.

Don't even get me started on the interest rates. This is one of those things that I blame the greedy credit card companies for being an issue.

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