One of the things that gross me out the most is bugs. Especially cockroaches. I can kill any spider I see without getting squeamish but there is something about a roach that grosses me out.

Yes, I guess it's because you think of uncleanliness when it comes to roaches. They are disgusting. Just know that no matter how much you try there will be one or two that survive. I remember once working at a restaurant here in Amarillo and we always knew that bug night would lead to an interesting next day. Bug night was when the bug guys came and sprayed. Yep, just like it sounds.

We did what we could to prevent having bugs but it was inevitable to see a dead one or two after bug night. We did our best to keep them away. I had a table after bug night that called me over. One of the guests bit into a burger and found a bug. I was shocked. I was grossed out. I was very apologetic.

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I had the manager go over to talk to them. They could have thrown a fit. They could have told all of their friends. Luckily there was no social media back then for us to be ridiculed on. The guest was very understanding. They knew that finding that bug was not a sign of us being dirty. They knew that bugs just happen. We were trying to keep them at bay. We did buy that guest's meal. I mean to this day I don't know how they were so cool.

So just know every restaurant will have a bug or two. If you want to avoid every restaurant that has that problem then just stay home. They do what they can to prevent but things happen. It doesn't mean they are not clean.

That is what I thought about when I saw a recent post about Cask & Cork. It was in the Amarillo Restaurant Review page. I am not going to share it here because it's been addressed.  I have been there several times. I know they are not dirty. When a former employee wanted to condemn the restaurant for what happens everywhere.

The restaurant didn't run from the post. They didn't try to make excuses. They did the stand-up thing. They were very gracious.

credit: Addison Hinn
credit: Addison Hinn

So was this an employee trying to whistleblow about a bad situation? Or were they a scorned employee just looking to get revenge? In my opinion a whistle-blowing situation comes when they are still employed. They waited until they were no longer employed. So it is a little suspect.

I just want to give kudos to Cask & Cork for addressing the story and not running from it. I have worked restaurant jobs for several years. None of the places I worked were dirty. Bugs just happened. If you want to avoid them then stay home. Odds are though you will find a bug at your home too. You can't run from them.

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