I worked in Downtown Amarillo for several years. So I am very familiar with the downtown scene. There are several restaurants. Heck, there is a ballpark. There are places for happy hour. The one thing we didn't have a lot of is coffee places.

I know another coffee location story. Yes, but as Amarillo keeps having them pop up on every street corner Downtown Amarillo does not have much. So if you like to have a meeting over a cup of coffee your choices are very limited. There is only one other place in Downtown Amarillo. Just one that comes to mind right away.

So it will be nice to add another coffee place into the mix.

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So yes, it is nice to see that is about to change. Finally, a location that makes sense in Amarillo. I know it's another coffee shop but it's a much-needed coffee shop in a much-needed location.

They are just a couple of weeks from opening up. A couple of weeks from being a place you can go to in Downtown Amarillo and plan a meeting. Coffee meetings are the best.

Introducing Lonesome Rider Coffee Shop

A full-line coffee shop. A patio to enjoy the Amarillo weather. If you get hungry you can also grab a burrito at Yolo's. This is a win-win. They are just in the process of hiring right now.

They will be located inside of Yolo's so a familiar place. They will be located at 316 6th Ave. Finally, a new coffee place that makes sense.

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