After you lose a loved one life just seems a little different. It will always be that way. It won't be like it was before their passing. You go hours, days, weeks, months, and years missing them. You go on. You know you have to but it's just tough.

Now imagine that the person you lost was due to a violent crime. There is no good reason this happened to them. The pain is just different. You remember them all of the time. You see something during the day that you wish you could share with them. Their memory does not go away.

It shouldn't. Randall County has come up with a great way to honor your friend or family member through the holiday season. They may have been lost due to a crime here in Amarillo but they have not been forgotten.

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It's called the Tree of Angels. Ornaments with each victim's name were recently put up on a Christmas Tree at the Randall County Annex. That tree, along with all of the ornaments will be on display through the New Year.

A ceremony was held recently so that these families could remember and grieve their lost loved ones. The pain doesn't get easier and there is some peace that is all getting to tear up together. This group of attendees knows all about the pain of losing a loved one to a crime here in Amarillo.

This is a year-long process of going on without your loved ones but Randall County is making it easier at Christmastime for them. You can go by and see the Tree of Angels through the New Year.

Randall County's Tree of Angels - December 7, 2023

The event took place at the Randall County Annex on December 7, 2023

Gallery Credit: Sarah Clark/TSM

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