Amarillo has had its drama. We all know that. When things can finally work out we can finally rejoice that the drama is over. Buc-ee's is one of those things that started as a rumor.

Oh, and then the rumor was confirmed. Then the drama started. There ended up being a dispute over the land. It made a lot of us wonder was Buc-ee's really going to end up coming to Amarillo. Or was our drama enough to make them think twice?

The question about Buc-ee's has been one of the hot topics around Amarillo. Anytime I went anywhere that is all people wanted to talk about. This would be a great addition to our city. I have never even been to one but I am smart enough to know this would do so much for us.

After the announcement earlier this week on a new travel center nearby I thought great. I thought for sure there goes our chance. With Road Ranger officially putting a sign up on their property the drama could have made things worse.

Oh, but I have good news. The Buc-ee's in Amarillo is moving forward. We will get the chance to have Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets here in Amarillo for ourselves. They are expected to begin their construction next year. This is good news from their legal team when it has seemed like we haven't heard anything for months. They have officially closed on a local property.

So while the drama around our city should be left to Facebook. Let's all rejoice that we will be getting a Buc-ee's and a Road Ranger. They can all get along in our city. They both will be perfect to add to our mix of Toot n Totum's and Pak a Saks. I am excited for this all to happen.

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