There are certain jobs people have that give them access to a lot of things others can't get. The City of Amarillo has quite a few jobs like that. Gaining access to financial programs is something that is at the top of that list.

I can't even imagine how much money is in the city system between all the programs they have. Millions of dollars obviously, and ways to be able to shift that money back and forth where it needs to be.

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Unfortunately, there are some people who feel they can get away with slipping themselves a little something, and every now and then, they're successful. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case for Amy Dixon.

Dixon recently pleaded guilty to a charge of “Conspiracy to Embezzle from a Federally Funded Program.” Any time one embezzles from a business, it's serious. However, when you do it from a city or federal program, you really find yourself in some hot water.

According to court documents, Dixon embezzled a whopping $465,511.65. The crazy part about it is that it wasn't electronically like most of these crimes end up occurring.

Dixon was in charge of distributing HUD funds from the Emergency Solutions Grant Program. She was responsible for handling the lease agreements between the landlords and also took care of getting inspections done. She would assemble everything in a Payment Voucher package.

It was in September 2020 that Dixon began to create fraudulent packages that she would use to embezzle the funds. She used a relative to create fictitious landlords and properties, then pocket the money that was given.

There we approximately 223 fraudulent Payment Vouchers and 66 checks that went to fictitious landlords. No word on sentencing as of yet.

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