Getting out on a date night is very important. Even in the strongest of relationships, it is important to take time for yourselves. Some couples get to enjoy one another's company a lot. Some couples have kids and finding time to take a shower is a good day. Let alone a date night.

When those date nights happen you want to take advantage of them. You want to go somewhere wonderful. You think of the ambiance. You think of the service. You think of the time you get to have a great meal. You will have a great conversation and maybe a drink or two.

Sounds heavenly, doesn't it? A date night. Just for the two of you. No phones. No distractions. The kids are with a trusted sitter so no worries from them either. Now it is just time to pick the place.

Luckily Amarillo has a lot of great go-to places for date night. Some of these may be your first thought. Or maybe we have a new place for you to try. Maybe you pick one place off the list until you try them all.

That is a win. There won't be that long discussion of where to go. Which is always followed by "I don't care, where do you want to go?" You care. You really do and here are some great date night places we have to offer you in Amarillo.

Date Night in Amarillo

Use this list as a go-to when you get a date night.

Take Me Out to the Patio's of Amarillo

Amarillo restaurants that have patios to enjoy.

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