They say that everything is bigger and better in Texas, right? You have heard that over and over. Well, let me just tell you that sometimes size does not matter. In fact, the smaller the better.

Great things come in small packages and all of that. We have been on a kick that the tinier the better. I am behind this movement. We have mini cheesecakes. Those are fantastic. Oh, and now we have mini donuts.

How did it take me this long to find out about you Budnuts? Yes, I am looking at you. All I know is I was excited when I found their Facebook page. Mini donuts. Yes, sign me up. They are adorable. Even better is that they look delicious.

I mean that is the most important part of the story. How do they look? How do they taste? You probably have driven by this place and didn't even know. They are right next door to the Music Box at 10th and Madison.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Oh, and the selection they have. These donuts will leave you wanting more of them. Which is the way. I haven't shared any with my daughter, yet. That is about to happen. I have a feeling that Budnuts will be our new go-to when we are in the need of some deliciousness in our morning.

They celebrated their one-year anniversary back in August and I feel like that has been a year I was cheated out of. I will get better at stalking the new places in Amarillo. I promise I have that obligation now. Budnuts where you can get more than just the glazed normal everyday donuts.

They offer so much more. Watermelon? Hmmm sounds interesting. Caramel chocolate cheesecake? Yes, please. Even key lime pie. Sounds like a dream that I can't wait to live.

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