It's no surprise that food trucks have been a big thing here in Amarillo. They are a great way to bring new foods, new recipes, and new ideas to the people of our fine city. They are easier to start up than a restaurant.

There is a lot less overhead that the business owner has to worry about. They are great to pick up and go if there is a catering opportunity. You can literally bring the food to them. The food can be cooked on-site. There are advantages to having a food truck.

The only downside is most of the food is grab-and-go. That is great for the business owner but maybe not so much for the person who may need somewhere else to eat besides in their car.

Some places fix that by being in an area that has some tables. Ok, that works unless we have bad weather like today. Nobody is wanting to sit out at a picnic table to enjoy any kind of food.

So there is one new food truck coming to Amarillo that has found a way to work around that issue. They will have a dining area on wheels. So you know there will be an area inside the food truck, or in this case, inside the bus for you. There will be places outside of the elements for you to enjoy.

Introducing Dillo's Burger Bus to Amarillo

This is a first for Amarillo. A food truck bus that you go inside to order and eat. No more standing out in the cold and wind here in the Texas Panhandle. This is really a cool concept and certainly a game changer. This truck won't have to close when it is cold outside. They can stay open if they want when there is snow on the ground. They don't have to deal with an open window that customers are standing at to place their order. Everyone will be able to remain warm.

According to the owner, Tyler Rannals:

Well all of my menu items are based on Amarillo things. I’m born and bred Amarillo and we have really cool history here and what a great way to spread it than with full bellies!!!!

So keep an eye out for this new way to dine in Amarillo and support our local food trucks.

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