Life is like a box of chocolate, right? We were told this and heck, it can be true. We also have heard that life is short, eat desserts first. I certainly agree. The good news is that we are getting a new place in Amarillo to get our just desserts.

Well, maybe it's not a new place. A location in Amarillo is growing and getting a second location. This place is moving into Wolflin. We are getting a second location of Sweet by Cara Linn.

I am all about sweets. I am all about the finer things in life that make everyone happy. Sweet by Cara Linn has been making people happy with her sweet treats in the Summit Shopping Center (34th and Coulter) for a while now. She is now branching out.

We need more sweetness in Amarillo.

That is exactly what they are giving us. Another location. This time they are moving to Wolflin Wolflin Square. They have so much goodness to satisfy that sweet tooth. Do you need a cake for that special occasion? Well of course Sweet by Cara Linn would love to help you out.

They have so much more than just cakes. Oh, and with a new location they will be adding to the menu as well. The good news just keeps coming. We will have to wait until November to check out the new location.

That is ok because luckily we have their location in the Summit Shopping Center to visit now. Are you jonesing for a French Macaron or any other delicious pastry? They will get you set up now. Check out their whole Facebook page HERE. Make sure you follow along for updates.

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