When we were growing up we just could not wait to be adults, right? We could stay up as long as we wanted. We could do whatever we wanted. Life would be so much easier. Or so we thought.

Then we became adults and with everything we have to do, we just want to go to bed early. We want to take naps. We still can't do what we want because we must work. We have families to take care of. We have to be upstanding citizens of the Texas Panhandle.

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Who would have known that becoming an adult would be so hard? I mean we had to start worrying about paying bills. We also have to worry about what we are cooking for each meal. An endless struggle to what we were doing for those three meals a day.

I know I spend a lot of time on Pinterest trying to find new recipes. Back in the day, I scoured recipe books. In the hopes that my family liked a meal a lot I could keep it in a rotation to make a few meals a little easier.

It's a lot of work. So anytime we can have help with ideas, I welcome that. If we can have help, any kind of help it's a win. If we can have meals made ahead of time and ready for when we need it even better. It definitely speeds up the process.

I don't care if it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even breakfast for dinner. Any meal that can be planned and waiting for us to just heat up and prepare fast is just a victory for a busy family.

So that is why this Freezer Meal class is just way too cool. New recipes. Oh, and for only $15 you can have two meals for a family of four. How great is that? All you have to bring is some bacon or sausage or some other protein and you will have these great meals.

Of course, you have to sign up soon for this class. The space is very limited. I am going to start following this page so I can keep an eye on other upcoming Freezer Meal classes. This is just one more way I am going to make my life a bit easier.

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