I always wonder how people can just up and disappear. I mean, a whole person--GONE. How can that happen? You figure somehow they will be found. The family will get some closure at some point.

That doesn't always happen. We have seen that with the Dorien Thomas case, which is the first one I really remember. He has been missing for over twenty-five years and still no answer. How is that possible? It apparently happens.

We were talking about another Amarillo resident who went missing. I had to do some research on this one. His name is Steven Koecher, he was a graduate of Amarillo High School back in 1998.

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He moved away. I was interested in this case because he was a journalist and did some sales work. So he could have very easily worked in radio over the years. That is if he hadn't gone missing.

Though when Steven went missing he was living in Utah. He was actively looking for work and had made a trip to Henderson, Nevada on December 13, 2009. His family thought he might be job hunting so he could make his rent.

He was last seen leaving his car in a cul-de-sac nearby with something in his hands. It looked like a portfolio of sorts, making sense if he was looking for work. He was a journalist so he probably was showing off some articles he had written.

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He wasn't reported missing until a couple of days later when they noticed his car in the same cul-de-sac. The police in the area contacted his current employer and his family about the abandoned car. That is when a missing person report was made.

Security cameras in the area picked up Steven at his car and made a return to it later. It then also picked up him leaving again. His cell phone was not a lot of help in what happened. His phone pinged off a tower in the area for a couple of days. There were no outgoing calls.

The phone stayed in the area for a couple of days until the battery died. It has not been located or turned on since. Steven has been missing for almost thirteen years. No sightings of him. No activity online. Nothing.

He was featured on an episode of "Disappeared" on Investigation Discovery Channel back in April of 2011. The episode was called Secrets of a Son. No leads were discovered after the airing either.

Steven is still listed as missing.

The Missing 18 People From the Texas Panhandle

These are the 18 people from the Amarillo area who have gone missing and have not yet been found. The cases are listed from most recent to oldest. Please take a look and see if you recognize any faces. Any information is helpful for investigators and the families missing them.

If you know anything about the following missing people, please call Amarillo Police Department at (806) 378-3038 You may make an anonymous tip.

Information gathered from the Amarillo Police Department, Charley Project, TXDPS, and NAMUS.

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