Supporting our mom-and-pop shops here in Amarillo really is important. If not, this is what happens. Another place in Amarillo had to shut its doors. I saw the announcement over the weekend.

It's never a fun time. Of course, things have not been the same since Covid hit. Some places were able to hold on. Some never fully recovered. If that was not bad enough then we have had to deal with the price of just about everything else going up.

It has hurt us personally and it has made things tough on these mom-and-pop shops.

From the Sticks and Strings Bakery and Cafe Facebook Page:

This is a hard post to make! Today will be our last day to be open
Inflation and the post COVID world have taken us down.
We are proud of what we have accomplished, however it's time to move on.
Thank you for all your support over the years
Please, please support your local Mom and Pop shops or they will disappear!!
We will open noon to about 3 PM today or until sellout.
We will continue this page with updates on our future projects.....
Thank you  and lots of love to our friends, family and customers
Google Maps
Google Maps

Their doors officially closed this past Friday at 3 pm. I, unfortunately, saw the post too late and didn't get to run by and grab my last bit of goodness. It's sad to see an ending like this to a local family just trying to get by in this economy. Get out and support our local businesses.

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