Over the weekend a family tried going out to breakfast here in Amarillo. The time was such that it was hard to get into a restaurant because of the church crowd. They tried several places they all had a wait.

They finally ended up at IHOP on Ross. They got in and ordered and tried to enjoy some family time. That is when it all went bad. Now, I wasn't there but according to the video and the family, there were some not-so-nice words coming from one table directed toward them.

The family's three-year-old son was rightfully hungry and getting a little restless. That is what happens with kids. In this case, it was a bit worse because the child is autistic. Which then leads to more issues keeping him quiet. Again, a kid. That happens sometimes.

The family suggested the other group move to another table because they were there first and had already ordered. According to the video the other family wanted to take it outside.

[Viewer Discretion Advised due to the content and language]

When everything was all said and done Jerdarian Dykes, Riah Dawn, and their son were asked to leave IHOP. That is when more issues happened. The police were called. The family was upset. They screamed discrimination because their kid was kicked out and he was autistic.

Did I-Hop Do the Right Thing?

When the police came they did explain to the family that it is not illegal to remove the family. It is private property and they can have anyone leave for any reason. Did they make the right decision? I would say they sure could have handled this a lot better.

They could have made sure the family and especially the three-year-old son could eat breakfast. They could have kept this from all blowing up on social media.

The police did tell the family that they have every right to take their complaint up with corporate. Which I sure hope they did. They even said they had the right to bring it to the courts of social media.

Which again they did. Businesses need to learn to handle things better. It didn't need to end with the police. It didn't need to end with a family having to leave with their hungry child. Please do better.

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