I really thought I was alone in this threat I used when my daughter was growing up. Let's just say that from middle school all through high school I was a single mom. Some of those years were a bit challenging, to say the least.

There were times I was at my wit's end. I remember that every year I would head out to Boys Ranch to broadcast live for their annual rodeo during Labor Day weekend. On one trip out there I made sure I stopped by the office and grabbed a brochure.

I figured the next time that my daughter would start running her mouth I would have a backup plan. Of course, it was going to happen. I could live in my dream world and think "oh no, she is the perfect child."

Heck no she was a teenager. So one day she was really pushing my buttons and I grabbed the brochure. I went on to tell her that I talked to them about her and what my options were.

I told her I couldn't afford to pay to send her out there but I have heard from other parents that if I just dropped her off and left her they would keep her free of charge. I doubt that is true. I really have no idea.

It was the threat I used to keep her in line. I had no intentions of doing this. I wondered if I was the only parent who used this threat.

Until I saw this post the other day scrolling on Facebook:

Gladys Ruiz-Vega
Gladys Ruiz-Vega

One parent responded by saying that she even went as far as driving her kid out there. As soon as they pulled into Boys Ranch her poor kid flipped out. Mom reminded them to straighten up or this is their future! She was done!  Fast forward to today and that child is grown up now and doing extremely well

Now I know several people who were part of the Boys Ranch program and they were better for it. I just know I felt better when I saw this post because all I could think was I was not alone.

My daughter is now grown and has her own daughter. She has admitted how horrible she was during part of her teenage years and she is already dreading that her daughter will probably grow up just like her.

Don't tell her but those rough patches are just part of being a teenager. I am glad they are over. I am also glad I never had to dump her outside the gates and drive off. I am just thankful I had that threat in my back pocket to use when needed.

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