We're getting to that time of the year when fall is in the air, and we're inundated with holidays. Thanksgiving is only about a month away, and Christmas is a month behind that, then we flip the page on the year and get to start all over.

Before we get to all that though, we've got Halloween, typically a love it or hate it holiday right? There's one thing that most people tend to love about Halloween, and that's the tradition of pumpkin carving.

You've seen all the different little pumpkin patches popping up in parking lots of strip malls and grocery stores at this point. I just saw two within about a mile of each other, so there's no shortage of places to get those pumpkins.

No offense to any of those patches, but there are a few places in Amarillo that are a bit better than others to get them at. Why is that you ask? Well, these three places have a tendency to offer a myriad of sizes, so whatever you're looking for, they're going to have.

So where should you be going for your pumpkins? These should be your top options.


Yeah I know, we all know about Maxwell's, but if you just go for the fun and don't pay attention to the crazy amount of pumpkins they have, you're missing out. You can pluck one straight from the patch if you want, or check out the HUGE array of different-sized pumpkins as you're getting ready to leave. They had some of the biggest pumpkins I've ever seen when I went a few weeks ago.


Here's another place that is very similar to Maxwell's in the sense they have a giant pumpkin patch, corn mazes, the whole nine. One of the things that sets Leonard Farms apart from Maxwell's is that their pumpkins are sold by the pound. Can you imagine walking out with a 30-pound pumpkin and it only costs you $12? Hey, when it's only 40 cents per pound, you can do that.


Another awesome option to find pumpkins of all shapes, sizes, and colors is Gee Family Farm. I love how this whole place is a family affair on their farm. The whole family was born and raised right here in the Panhandle and offers a heck of a time on their farm, while also selling their pumpkins for just 40 cents a pound.


Not quite the fall festival-style feel of the aforementioned places, but Howard Farms offers up one heck of a selection of pumpkins that are just as good as anyone in the city, and the one thing they have is free admission to the fun. You can take some great pictures of the kids in their best fall outfits, and snag yourself a pumpkin or two. Oh yeah, they've even got fresh watermelon you can buy.

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