We could all use a little fun right now. Something to blow off a little steam. Something to help take away some of our worries. Some fun. Nothing can be more fun than flamingos.

I know the talk of flamingos is not something you would expect to hear about here in Amarillo. Unless we are talking about flocking someone's yard. You have, I am sure, seen someone having their yard flocked. Basically, you step outside your door and notice your yard has been overrun by those plastic pink flamingos. Yes, a fun prank you can play on a friend or neighbor.

Flamingos can bring more fun and joy into lives without it being a prank. That is what Synchronicity, The Simulated Universe, here in Amarillo wants to have happen. They want you to stop by their place, 1215 SW 10th,  during regular business hours and pick up a flamingo out of their yard.

Then you go on a summer adventure with them. Take a selfie or two and post it on their Facebook Page HERE. You can also tag them on Instagram or Twitter too. It's a fun little way to maybe win yourself a prize.

So you can take the flamingo out to Wonderland Park, maybe out to the Cadillac Ranch. Go ahead and head out for live music and a few drinks out at the Golden Light. Just make sure you take your flamingo out for a good time too. Snap a few photos and share them on The Simulated Universe's page.

So it's time to go out and make those summer memories. Head out and have a great time around Amarillo. Just make sure to grab a flamingo first and don't forget those selfies.

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