Amarillo has a lot of businesses that come and go. It is just the way of the world. We also have many that have come and stayed. We have many memories of going there. We don't think that they can ever go away.

I mean you take it away and there goes our memories. It hurts but it's just the way it goes. That is how I think Amarillo feels about this latest announcement. This latest closing. After Friday this Amarillo business is no more.

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The Tascosa Drive-In. After twenty-five years they are calling it a day. They have given it their all. It still stings. Amarillo has had a few drive-ins over the years but the Tascosa Drive-In is the one we have so many memories of going to.

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They tried to sell a few years back. They were going to stay open while they were looking for new owners. I guess that never worked out. They have had their share of problems but they always bounced back. That was until now when they took to their Facebook page recently to share the bad news.

Yes, they are closing but at least they gave us a few days warning. They are giving us a chance to say goodbye. They could have just made the announcement on Facebook and walked away. Nope, we have one more day to make those memories.

This past season they did give it their all.  Recently they did host an all-night horror movie marathon. If you want to take your family for one last hurrah you need to make plans for this Friday.

That is when they will say their goodbyes. Twenty-five great years. What will happen to that location? Will someone come in and save the day? Will the movies end? All we know is that this Friday will be the last time to drive through those gates under this ownership.

Hopefully, this is not really the end for the Tascosa Drive-In.

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