Some stores seem like they have been going out of business for years. Yes, I am looking at you Judy's Card Cottage. They have been closing forever. Then there are other stores that come and go in a flash.

The latest one to say goodbye to Amarillo is Camping World. Now to say I am surprised is not true at all. In fact, I really just found out they were even here not too long ago. I accidentally drove by and thought when did that happen?

Google Maps
Google Maps

Apparently, they took over for Gander Mountain six years ago. I had no idea. I know I am not really their target market but I did go into Gander Mountain several times. So it would not be totally out of the possibility that they might have something I would need.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I guess I will never know because they are about done. Without really any warning to Amarillo. This is what was found on Facebook:

Up until two days ago it was business as usual. Then all of a sudden the post about a liquidation sale hit the pages of Camping World Amarillo. So it's not a rumor. It's just not a lot of notice.

Oh, yeah they are closed after today. I always wonder about the employees. Did they give them any more of a heads-up? I really hope so. They are the ones who now are out of a job.

I don't know the answer but I am going to guess they might have found out about as recent as the rest of us. So I guess if they have anything you might want to check out you had better hurry.

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