You plan and you plan for your big day. I mean if you have ever been married you know how much you have to have prepared. You know how many deposits you have to put down.

You have to find a dress. You need a venue. A trusted photographer is important. Someone to play the music during the ceremony and the reception. Oh, and there is food. Don't forget the food.

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You can see how much stress for a wedding or any big event leading up to it. So the more you can check off the list the better. Of course the guy needs a tuxedo. That should be pretty easy, right? Send him in and pick something out. Try it on. Oh and if he likes it put down a deposit.

One thing you can mark as being done. That is such a good feeling. That is unless you hear the news about your place of choice closing down. That is what happened here in Amarillo and around the country.

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Al's Formal Wear - 2600 Paramount Blvd in Pepper Tree Square has been in that location for years. If those walls could talk. How many grooms, groomsmen and guys going to the prom have walked through those doors?

Dapper & Dashing the parent company of Al's Formal Wear closed several locations including ours in Amarillo. What is a groom to do? There have been several deposits put down. Several events on the way and no way to dress the wedding party.

Men's Warehouse - 121 Westgate Parkway, is trying to relieve some of that stress. They are offering to honor the deposit up to $60 with a valid receipt. They also realize there are going to be a ton of rush orders and they are waiving that fee too. So they are trying to make it a bit less stressful for everyone involved.

This weekend is The Bridal Show of Amarillo. They will have plenty of vendors out to help with your upcoming wedding. This is not just for brides. I was assured that Men's Warehouse will be out as well. You can find information on the show HERE. It will be Sunday at the Amarillo Civic Center.

Hopefully, they can get all of the tuxes out to those who counted on Al's Formal Wear.

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