We are only five months into this new year. So the news is not good hearing of another restaurant closing in 2023. We are on our fifth closed restaurant in as many months.

The restaurant business is a tough one. It always has been here in Amarillo. We have a lot to choose from and sometimes even the best of businesses don't last. They can try to add all of the right things and sometimes they just don't stick.

Melissa Bartlett
Melissa Bartlett

That is the case in Charlee's Restaurant in Downtown Amarillo. They opened up in early fall last year. They started off as Charlee's Chicken. They had a variety of chicken dishes. They then decided to expand their menu.

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They had a full bar to go along with their full menu. After that, they added live music. They tried everything and I was really bummed to see the news earlier. We are losing yet another one.

Some people claim it could be the location, with it being in Downtown Amarillo. No, I don't really think that is it. There are several restaurants down there that last. I have also seen that maybe it is the parking situation. That can be tough sometimes.

Before it was Charlee's it was Polk St Eats and then it was The Burger Bar. I worked Downtown at the time and we would walk there several times. I never had to deal with parking right there.

Regardless of why they are closing it's just sad to see that they are doing just that. At least they are going out with a bang. They will be open all week for lunch. Saturday will be an all-day event. They will close it all out with live music. Going out with a party in Downtown Amarillo.

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