An announcement of bankruptcy for your business can't be a good thing? Right? I mean that means that they are in financial trouble. Does this mean that this is the end of the place where many brides go for their wedding dresses?

Always a Bridesmaid Never a Bride

I have been to David's Bridal several times. Either I was the maid of honor or my daughter was a flower girl. She has since upgraded to junior bridesmaids. So there have been many needs to stop by David's Bridal.

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They made everything easy for brides and their wedding parties. You wouldn't think that there would be any worry for them here in Amarillo or anywhere really. I mean a one-stop shop is nice. Especially when they have so many dresses to choose from.

David's Bridal though may have hit a snag. They filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday. So what does that mean? Will Amarillo lose our place on Soncy?  I mean we are in wedding season. Not that I think that season really actually has a beginning or an end. People are always getting married. It does seem spring and summer are even busier.

So Will Amarillo Say Goodbye to David's Bridal?

It's too early to know for sure. They did announce recently that they were looking to lay off around nine thousand people. They could also shut down some stores. The good news is that this may not be the end of them. They have experience here before.

They filed for bankruptcy once before, back in 2018. The good news is that they were able to rebound and get out of debt. So hopefully that is good news for our Amarillo location.

The part that worries me is that this was only five years ago and they are filing again. Is that a bigger red flag?

Will we be able to keep our Amarillo David's Bridal? I reached out to them for comment.

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