As we are making our way to the new year we start to reflect on our lives. We think ahead to the upcoming year and what we want to accomplish. We all do that. Then we try to make the improvements to start accomplishing some of these things.

The owners of one Amarillo business did this same thing and decided this was the time to say goodbye. It was a perfect time to retire. The business that they owned and ran for the past thirty years needed a proper sendoff.

So they decided to announce that they were retiring and have a sale to close out their store. The store in question is Brides - 201 Westgate Parkway. They have seen a lot of customers over the years.

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Their store was where not only a lot of brides walked in looking for that perfect dress. It was also a great place for high schoolers to find that perfect prom dress. So one less place soon for that to be done here in Amarillo.

Those big times in a girl's life is going to have to be met with a new place to go. The owners of Bride's, though, get to close the business on their own terms, which you want to see. They decided to retire. You can't blame them. After thirty years they want to enjoy time with their family. They probably want to travel.

Oh, but before they do they are closing the store the right way with a retirement sale. So if you know a bride-to-be or a girl who will be going to prom soon, now is the time. I mean especially if you are into saving money.

With the cost of everything going up, it's nice to be able to save some money somewhere and a retirement sale is just the place to start. We do wish the owners a great retirement and thank you for the thirty years of business in Amarillo.

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